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Research Technicicans

Dr Tobias Smith

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Tobias undertook his PhD at UQ from 2009–2014, investigating the effects of habitat fragmentation on the assembly of bee and fly communities in the tropics.


Since completing his PhD at UQ Tobias has worked as a Postdoc at the Rader Community Ecology Lab (University of New England, working on crop pollination with native bees) and as a lecturer in entomology at Queensland University of Technology.


In addition to currently working as a part-time researcher in the School of Biological Sciences, UQ, Tobias also works as an bee and pollination educator and commercial native stingless bee keeper, primarily through his business Bee Aware Kids.


Tobias also works as a pollination consultant for managing stingless bees on farms. Tobias is the author of The Australian Bee Genera: An Annotated, User-Friendly Key.

Tobias Smith
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